Fundamentals of Meyer’s Longsword, Part II

Sword meets sword in Part Two of this introductory HEMA longsword class. The Applied Concepts class builds upon the footwork and cutting material covered in Part One. Using contact drills, students will explore the fundamental concepts of distance and timing while learning how to parry and counter cut.

Required Gear. Fencing mask, gloves

Required Skills. The Applied Concepts course assumes basic understanding of Meyer’s terminology and a degree of confidence in performing simple cuts and footwork. Students must pass an evaluation of basic skills and knowledge in order to gain admission to the class. Prospective students may schedule a skills evaluation with Study Group Leader Eric Mains or Region III Chief Chris VanSlambrouck. The evaluation takes approximately 10-20 minutes, and a training sword is provided.

Skills Evaluation Topics
1. Meyer’s Four Cuts

2. Meyer’s Four Guards + Langort

3. Meyer’s Four Cutting Exercises

4. A Short Bio of Meyer

Goodman Center, Gym B
149 Waubesa Street
Madison, WI 53704


Sundays 3:30-4:30pm, 13 March through 1 May, 8 sessions


$100 **$20 discount if you have a fencing mask, gloves, and a steel training sword**