angreiffen [anˈɡʁaɪ̯fn̩]   “Initial Attack”.  lit. to tempt/ to attack (Dasypodius, 1535, 144r1 and 218r1), or a seizing action. As a fencing term, Master Meyer often used it with the meaning of one’s a first attack, …

Petrus Dasypodius


Let us remember Peter Dasypodius who died in Straßburg this day in 1559. His works have been a boon to researchers and translators the world over. He of course also holds a special place in the hearts of Historical Fencing researchers and translators!

If you are unfamiliar with him or his works, or just not sure why he is important, please read the follow excerpt:

Reference to the two page excerpt above:
Smet, Gilbert A.R. de, ‘Dasypodius, Peter’, in Lexicon Grammaticorum: A Bio-Bibliographical Companion to the History of Linguistics, ed. by Harro Stammerjohann, 2nd edn (Tübingen: Max Niemeyer Verlag, 2009), pp. 375–358. ISBN 978-3-484-73068-7