Seventh Annual Meyer Symposium

The Region III Freifecthers are pleased to host the 6th annual Meyer Symposium in Monticello, IA on 16-20 May 2019 at The Z Barn, 19243 Stone Bridge Rd, Monticello, Iowa

* 16th is arrival day. after noon  please
* 20th event ends

Local Airports are:
CID Airport
MLI Airport
DBQ Airport
with prior coordination transportation to and from CID or DBQ Airports to the event site can be arranged.

Food, beverages, and lodging are all onsite and are included in the ticket price. But beware that lodging is Open Bay or bring your own tent; air mattresses and/or cots and blankets can be provided if requested.

Our annual Guild event furthers our collective understanding and interpretations of Master Meyer. We continue to focus on Kameradschaft, tradition building, and support of a generational approach to our beloved Art.

This three-day all inclusive on site Symposium will compose

  • group instruction and interpretive stuck work,
  • historical presentations,
  • free-play, Live steel cutting,
  • Fechter Evaluations and
  • a Fechtschul and a Feast.

Full Participation Ticket is $160, includes all events, meals on Friday (dinner), Saturday (all), and Sunday (all), and Monday (breakfast). Price also includes loft lodging, or you can pitch a tent.
Companion Ticket is $50, and covers all meals and lodging.

Get your Ticket  :  HERE

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  1. How do I request transportation to and from the symposium from the CID airport on Monday the 16th? And are cots and blankets still available?

  2. This year’s Seventh Annual Meyer Symposium was yet another filled with good fencing and good people experiencing good times.

    One of the things we do at the end of each Symposium in a small group setting is an After Action Review, something I learned to conduct in the military. Those unfamiliar with the term, understand it as essentially project’s postmortem, where you find out the things that went well and otherwise. Those areas that need to be sustained and carry over to the next Symposium. We also discover the things that need improvement prior to the next event. That said the list of things that need improvement keeps getting shorter and smaller. Making these refinements makes the Symposium better and better, and at the very least it insures a successful event.

    This year was bittersweet. The loss of Mike Cartier is a huge and heavy thing for most of those in attendance. Part of my personal experience with our Symposiums, (especially those that have been held at The Z-barn’s Iowa location opposed to the Lincoln Illinois location) had been one of doing Fechter evaluations with Mike, observing training and training with Mike, drinking and partying with Mike. Even when driving to a store for supplies, it was often Mike and I who traveled together. His absence was noticeable to say the least.

    That said Mike would have loved the Symposium this year, it was fantastic. The workshop’s of Roger Norling , Rob Rutherfoord, Charles Murdock, Andy Taylor, Ted Elsner, and Adam Franti were top notch. Our presenters this year were none other than our own Michaell ‘Joey Two-pants’ Chidester, Roger Norling, Kendra Brown, and Adam Franti.
    During and in-between these presentations and workshops proctored skill self assessments were conducted, our Fechter Evaluations. These were in Longsword, Rappier, Dusack, and Dagger. A staff evaluation was itself tested out, but needs refinements to capture the deeper knowledge required. That said it is my extreme pleasure to announce the following individuals.

    Eliot Mook,
    Cameron Metcalf,
    Shane James Michael Hillen,
    Mickey Michael Barsness

    James Reilly,
    Scott M. MacDonald,
    Jason Murdey.

    Ted Elsner,
    Alexander Snook

    Which brings us to the state of the guild. The goal is to continue on much as it has always been, but with refinements. The Principles, the Guild’s senior captains met in small council and determine the correctness of retiring the title of ‘Oberhauptman’ the title Mike created. They did so and that is certainly fitting since Mike was in a league of his own. They then voted myself in as the lead administrator position (title if any pending).

    The curriculum council committee (that was established several years ago for the purpose of submitting the suggested and perspective changes to our current skill evaluations, titles, official accolades and recognitions) met in person. Their mandate was repeated this year by myself and the Principles, but with a due date for it’s submission to the guild’s Principles to be received no later than the 31st of this December. This should give us several months to review it before the next year’s 2020 symposium.

    Speaking of this Myers Symposium 2020… It will be themed. It will not only be a memorial to Mike, with his Son and wife Helen Zachariades-Cartier in attendance- It will also be about perspective and self-reflection; as a guild and as individual fencers. The prospective dates are mid June.

    A special thanks to the full time staff this year. Kat Fantastic, Adelheid Zimmerman, in particular, but David Johnson too.
    Also thank you, Karen Reilly you rock!

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