Madison MFFG

The Madison Freifechter Guild studies the Art of Fencing as described by Joachim Meyer, a 16th Century cutler and fencing master living in the Holy Roman Empire. With Meyer’s volumes on fencing we explore the history and martial use of common weapons of the era, including the longsword, dagger, dusack, rapier, and polearms. As a study group of the international history fencing organization, the Meyer Freifechter Guild (MFFG) leans on a collective knowledge that extends back to our founding in 2008.

Meet the Cadre

Chris VanSlambrouck is the Madison Meyer Freifechter Guild’s lead instructor, study group leader, and senior coach. He has been working within the Madison branch of the guild since 2014, but has been exploring historical fencing since the turn of the century.

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