Madtown Fechtschul 2021 Registration


26-29 August 2021
Madison, WI (2434 E Johnson St & 214 Waubesa St)

Classes will be held Thursday and Friday
Fechtschul Competition & BBQ will be held on Saturday
Brunch Social on Sunday

Ticket price of $185 includes lunch on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday; Saturday dinner; and Sunday brunch.
Protective Gear requirements include: Feder Style Longsword, Fencing Mask with back of the head protection, Padded Fencing Jacket, Rigid Gorget that covers collarbone, and Protective Gloves. This is an unarmored fencing event, so steel helmets and gauntlets are discouraged.

Class List
Bring the Action with James Reilly
Footwork that Isn’t with Adam Franti
Rules & Restrictions with Kevin Maurer
Four course Dusacken with Kevin Maurer
Approaching the Zufechten with Adam Franti
Fechtschul Dangerous with Chris VanSlambrouck
A Gateway Drug to Meÿer -Tag IV with Charles Murdock
Martial Training in the Renaissance Period with James Reilly
Meÿer’s Dagger, Wrestling, and Going to the Ground Safely with Charles Murdock
Modern Fitness for Historical Martial Artists, now with more Sword Yoga with Chris VanSlambrouck

Entrance fee is a donation to cover the expenses of this event.

Email to schedule a Longsword Fechter Evaluation if you would like to be evaluated during this event.

We do not have a block of hotels reserved anywhere, but we can make a few suggestions:
Local rooms from Air BnB
Comfortable Hotel with Local Flavor: Hotel Ruby Marie
Budget Hotel: Motel 6 & Rodeway Inn