Madtown Fechtschul 2022

25-28 August 2022
Madison, WI
Classes & Fechtschul are held at the Goodman Gym at 214 Waubesa St
Evening Socials & Sunday Brunch are held at 2434 E Johnson St

7-9 pmRegistration Open
6-11 pmMeet & Greet & Chez VanZimmerman
RSVP for Pizza $10/ea BYOB
BYOB Campfire / Hangout
9-10 amWarm ups
10 am – noonThe Duel & the FechtschulChris VanSlambrouckAn intimate physical understanding of the differing types of 16th century duels will be gained by systematic drilling and intense ‘ruled dueling‘ as taken from all of Meyer’s known works.
noon – 1 pmLunch provided onsite
1-3 pmFighting from the Straight ParryAdam FrantiMeyer’s section on the Gerade Versatsung in the rapier chapter gives a curated selection of techniques and tactics that can be used to defend against any attack, and as a basis for your own attacks. This class can be done with any weapon.
3-5 pmLessons in Proportion: An Intuition in Quartstaff CombatJames ReillySurvey of the underlying principles of Joachim Meyer’s combat system, as it relates to timing, structure and proportionality, explored through the lens of (big) stick fighting.
6:30 pmTacos @ Chez VanZimmerman
RSVP $15 each BYOB
9-10 am Warm ups
10 am – noonTemperament & Sentiment Chris VanSlambrouckHow to stay in Measure with bravado according to Meyer’s Rules & Fencer Types. This class violently informs and instructs fencers on how to remain boldly engaged.
noon – 1pmLunch provided onsite
1-3 pmMake Them Angry: Provokers with the DusackAdam FrantiThe dusack’s peculiar feature is that its size and quickness doesn’t allow for middle work, but instead relies on making strong attacks that give immediate advantages that must be immediately acted upon. This forces fencers to think in more complex ways, to ensure that their action – never without risk – will bring them to an advantage. Meyer stresses the use of prokers to take these advantages. This class will focus on using provoking actions in the approach to gain fencers their advantage.
3-5 pmRapier & DaggerRobert RutherfoordExplore how the principles of Meyer’s art can be applied to this combination of weapons. With two weapons in hand, we can dedicate one to offense and the other to defense – using both to offend and defend simultaneously. In essence, we form two guards, using qualities of both to control the fight.
6:30 pmPita Sandwiches @ Chez VanZimmerman
RSVP $20 each BYOB
9 am – 11 amSword YogaVictor Rodriguez
11 am – noonFechtschul Rules and our 16th century Social Contract Chris VanSlambrouck
noon – 1 pm Lunch provided onsite
1-6 pm Fechtschul
7-11 pm BBQ @ Chez VanZimmerman BYOB
10 am – 2 pmBrunch @ Chez VanZimmerman / Freeplay & Informal Symposium

$200 Ticket price includes these meals: lunch on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday; Saturday dinner; and Sunday brunch.
Protective Gear requirements include: Feder Style Longsword, Fencing Mask with back of the head protection, Padded Fencing Jacket, Rigid Gorget that covers collarbone, and Protective Gloves. This is an unarmored fencing event, so steel helmets and gauntlets are discouraged.

Email to schedule a Longsword Fechter Evaluation if you would like to be evaluated during this event.

We do not have a block of hotels reserved anywhere, but we can make a few suggestions:
Local rooms from Air BnB
Comfortable Hotel with Local Flavor: Hotel Ruby Marie
Budget Hotel: Motel 6 & Rodeway Inn

Entrance fee is a donation to cover the expenses of this event.