Below are the different services I provide and you can book! If you’re looking to do so, please fill out the Booking form or shoot me an email at

Training Sessions:

A session includes a sport-specific warm up, high-intensity drilling, practice of Meyer Fencing, and a brief cool down to wrap the session up. These sessions are typically hosted at my home, but are not limited to it. If you are interested and wish to have a session at your place or at a park please make sure to voice that in the Comment section of the Booking form!


Training Seminars-

Training Seminars are typically three hours in duration. They can be arranged for the instruction of small or larger groups. As for the topic of the seminar, there are plenty to choose from, including but not limited to:

  • Meyer’s System of Fencing
  • Fencing from the Postures
  • Fechtschul Fencing
  • Applied Meyer Tactics

Educational Seminars-

The duration of Educational Seminars depends entirely on the topic of which there are many! Some examples include:

  • A General History of Fencing (weapon petting zoo)
  • How to Use a Sword (and why)
  • Historical Fencing: A Culture of Honor and Respect
  • The Wars of Religion and How History Likes to Repeat
  • Old World Bloodsport: The Fechtschul Culture.

Please be sure to use the Contact page Comment section of the Booking form to inquire about other seminar topics that suit and address your local clubs’ training and educational needs. If inquiring after a speaking engagement for a public school please ask after the K-8 reduced rates.

Online Consultation:

These “sessions” are typically pretty short (15 minutes or so) and are available generally for the purpose of short discussions relating to Meyer Fencing and General training, but they can focus on any topic surrounding 16th century fencing.