First Stück from Tag

The First Stück of vom Tag  (1.31v.1)

When you meet your opponent and are coming up in the air with your schwert (to Tag) by Auffstreichen or else by drawing up for an Oberhau, and he cuts in the mean time against the left side of your head,

then spring well around and out from his cut toward his left and somewhat towards him, and at the same time as this stepping strike with your outside flat (auswendige Flech) against his incoming stroke (Prellhau), hitting the Sterck of his Schwert so strongly that the Schwech of your blade swings in over his Langschwert at his head,  which will surely hit if you strike at the same time as him and come with your schwert over his.

After this cut, whether it has hit or not; pull your Schwert back up away, and cut diagonally opposite to it, from below (Unterhau) at his right arm;

in this cut, step (left foot) well out toward his right, and lean your head right behind your blade.

From there pull quickly back up and nip (winken) at his left ear with the Kurz-Schneid;

if you perceive that he slips after it, then do not let it hit, but let it Ablauffen without hitting,

and at once cross your hands in the air (the right over the left) and strike with the Kurz-Schneid deep at his right ear (Glützhau);

at once deliver a Zwerchau around and Abzug.

And note here, if he pursues you so quickly after the Unterhau you have just been taught,  and will be so promptly in Tag, that you cannot come to the Ablauffen; then take heed when he pulls away from your Schwert, and pursue him with the Schnitt on his arms, etc.

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