Lines 35-36

From The Third Book: Lines 35-36 of Meyer’s Zettel:

Send your cuts powerfully from your body, carry out your work to the four openings

Master Meyer explains:

“In this rhyme two things are realized; firstly to the cutting, secondly to the four openings of the Man, to which the cuts will be struck and note that you cut all cuts with outstretched arms, and with this reach far to the man, also as soon as a cut from one side fails, thus you should quickly cut to the opposite side.” – Meyer (1560) MS A.4o.2, 1.12v

“These verses teach how you shall send your cuts powerfully and long, flying fluidly to all four targets, that is to all four openings, along with the body, which shall fully follow the cuts as I have said.” – Meyer (1570) “Grundtliche Beschreibung der Kunst des Fechtens”,1.46r

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