3rd Annual Madtown Fechtschul

This year we will be honored to host Adam Fanti workshop, “Secrets on Display – Public Fencing in the 16th Century” on Saturday the 5th of October 2019 at the Goodman Community Center gymnasium in Madison, Wisconsin-

Workshop Class
A Viennese Freifechter named Andre Paurnfeindt wrote a short treatise in which he re-wrote Johannes Liechtenauer’s zedel to appeal to “Beginning fencers.” The change from what were meant as secret, elite techniques to something that was publicly available is part of a culture change from the 15th to the 16th centuries that saw an increased emphasis on martial efficacy as a crucial aspect of public masculinity.

The Fechtschule, a public fencing competition between guilds of citizen tradesmen, embody many of these changes. While the Fechtschulen were meant to be non-lethal, they were also, paradoxically, meant to prepare citizens to bear arms in the defense of their cities, and had overt military purposes, as well as social.

The class will teach techniques and concepts new to or articulated by 16th century masters such as Paurnfeindt, Sollinger, and Meyer, and intended for use by citizen tradesmen of the Holy Roman Empire.

The class is aimed at intermediate (or above) fencers of any tradition Necessary equipment: Longsword trainer (steel preferable), Mask with back-of-the-head protection, Heavy gloves, forearm, and wrist protection are highly encouraged.

Date : Saturday, 05 OCT 2019
Location: Goodman Center Gymnasium, 149 Waubesa St, Madison, WI 53704

11:30 – Sign In
12:00 – Introduction to Fechtschule: Rules and Demo
12:30 – Secrets on Display Workshop
2:30 – Break
2:45 – Longsword Fechtschule
Prior to 6pm – Awards, Accolades, and farewells
6:30 – After Event Party (Barbecue Style, BYOB)

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