Living Meyer Historical Fencing School

Embark on your historical fencing adventure with us—where history meets passion, and every strike tells a story.

Meyer Upscaled

In practice or in combat, 

the Art is conducted finely, artfully, 

with forethought and grace

Our Mission

The Living Meyer Historical Fencing School is dedicated to the recreation and reconstruction of the noble of fencing as taught by Master Joachim Meyer

Upcoming Events!

Experience the Thrill of Historical Fechtshule

Step into the world of traditional Fechtshule Style Bouts. Engage in exchanges that capture the essence of historical European martial arts, honed over centuries.

Our Fechtshule events offer a unique opportunity to test your skills, stamina, and strategy, all within the authentic framework of historical fencing techniques.

Each encounter promises not just a match, but a journey through the heritage of the swordsmanship that shaped generations.