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Our collective Mission is:
  • To study, develop, practice and apply practically Historical European Martial Arts, primarily through the Art of Combat as instructed by Joachim Meyer in his manuals;
    • to include all of the weapon systems and unarmed combat he presented.
  • To establish and maintain a spirit of camaraderie, personal integrity and esprit de corps that will enhance the prestige of all HEMA practitioners and the Meyer Frei Fechter Guild in particular.
  • To encourage on-going education and research, skill development, fitness and the reduction of the potential of training mishaps and injuries by perpetually increasing proficiency in the Art.
  • To operate and conduct ourselves in a manner that provides equal opportunity and just treatment of all fellow Guild members.
  • Additionally, to set an example for all practitioners through our standards, traditions, honor bound and value centric view of the martial art Meister Joachim Meyer left to us.

Region Three of the Guild will strive to serve with true faith and allegiance and bring honor and respect to our martial art.

Training is paramount and should ideally be conducted multiple times a week in a group setting and daily to some extent by individual members.
The Region collectively train and study to Re-Create the historical art of Joachim Meyer as he presented it, actively attempting to purge the concepts of modern sport fencing, Eastern Martial Arts, and Mixed Martial Arts.
Meister Meyer presented his Kunst systematically and in the order of precedence he felt was justified considering his intended audience. We strive to follow Meyer chapter by chapter and verse by verse, advancing only when a given section or subject is able to be physically applied with intent to an unwilling adversary.
Region Three fully supports the efforts of the Guild Research Section believing that research is the life’s blood of our efforts to Re-Create not Create a martial combative system and the very pulse of understanding Meister Meyer and being a good student of the Art.

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