I am a long time practitioner and instructor of Historical Fencing. I have always had interest in the Reformation Period, late knightly and military Orders, and the political, economic and religious strife found in the oddly cobbled together Holy Roman Empire. 

I have the pleasure of being a student of Joachim Meyer (1537-71), and a few other fantastic Eastern and Mixed martial arts masters.

For me, like any martial art I have practiced, Historical Fencing is more of a lifestyle choice than a mere hobby. So naturally, I fell hard into Historical Fencing and it has seemingly required years of perpetual training, reading, writing, researching, and of course singing praises for Master Meyer’s system of combat.

In 2009 I willfully adopted and incorporated Master Meyer’s specific goals into my own. My and master Meyer’s goals were aligned in order to promote the study and practice of the Art of Fencing, both in clear and understandable ways for the beginner and to assist in refining and elevating the advanced practitioner’s skill sets. Since then, these goals have only been refined, and reinforced. They have certainly changed many a life’s journey for the better, and I believe that can be your experience as well.

The primary form of advocating my goals outside of coaching, conversation, and speaking engagements would have to be writing. I enjoy learning and writing about 16th century Historical Fencing, and I want to share how fundamentally awe inspiring and valuable the learning of this art can be for you.

What Else?

Prior to my retirement in 2019, I was a senior non-commissioned officer working in Operations for the National Guard. Nowadays, I enjoy spending my free time playing guitar and writing songs. If you’re interested, you can check out some of my work here.