Schutzhalter​ ​ [ʃʊt͡s ˈhaltɐ]

  • schutz​ (lit. shoot, 1836, p421))
  • halter​ (lit. “​to look after, or keep​” (Dasypodius 1535, 99v2), ‘​keep’​, as in housekeeper (Golius, 1579, 211)

The term ​Schutzhalter​ was often used liken to“​schirmer/ ”​ (guardian) as seen throughout Fortunatus Hueber’s (1686) history of the Franciscans, “Dreyfache von Orden S. Francisci”.

For Historical Fencing researchers, references of the term in the ​Fechtschulen​ are in several places. The Ordinances of the City of Breslau (9 September 1606) for one place, and note the several mentions ’ found in ​Wöchentliche Nachrichten für Freunde Geschichte​ (Büsching, 1817, p313).

I think of the term as, the “action keeper/ or guard”.

This is an excerpt found in Part One of The Forerunners of the Fechtschule: Antiquity. Available from:
Research Gate.

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