16th Century

A Most Interesting Johann (part 1)

Johann Kasimir (Palatinate-Simmern) (Latinized as Johannes Kasimirus) (1543-1592) Kasimir was a German ‘prince’ of the House of Wittelsbach, and the third child, and second son of Elector Palatine Frederick III (Kurfürst von der Pfalz) “the Pious” (der Fromme) and Princess Maria von Brandenburg-Kulmbach and possibly the most interesting Johann of the 16th century. For Example

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Schutzhalter​ ​ [ʃʊt͡s ˈhaltɐ] schutz​ (lit. shoot, 1836, p421)) halter​ (lit. “​to look after, or keep​” (Dasypodius 1535, 99v2), ‘​keep’​, as in housekeeper (Golius, 1579, 211) The term ​Schutzhalter​ was often used liken to“​schirmer/ ”​ (guardian) as seen throughout Fortunatus Hueber’s (1686) history of the Franciscans, “Dreyfache von Orden S. Francisci​”. For Historical Fencing researchers,

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