Meyer Fencing


Dempffen [dɛmpfən] lit. “Repelling” or “to repress” or impede, to subdue, and “Suppress/ Suppressing”. What a great fencing term. In Meyer’s 16th century system of fence, Dempffen/ Dempffhau is a vertically descending Oberhau. This cut, a Nehmer is executed as a counter-cut with the Longedge. It ‘repels’ your opponent’s incoming blade towards the ground. See

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angreiffen [anˈɡʁaɪ̯fn̩]   “Initial Attack”.  lit. to tempt/ to attack (Dasypodius, 1535, 144r1 and 218r1), or a seizing action. As a fencing term, Master Meyer often used it with the meaning of one’s a first attack, an inciting action seeking the opponent’s reaction, while seizing the Vor.

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