Madtown Fechtschule 2018


The Madtown Fechtschule is a public display of skill and control with competitive Dussack and Longsword tournaments styled after the rules and restrictions of a 16th century event.


Date : Saturday, 11 Aug 2017
Location: Goodman Center Gymnasium, 149 Waubesa St, Madison, WI 53704

11:30 – Sign In
12:00 – Introduction to Fechtschule: Rules and Demo
12:30 – Dussack (Will be provided)
2:00 – Break
2:30 – Longsword (BYOS)
5:30 – Awards
6:30 – After Event Party (Barbecue Style, BYOB)


Tickets to spectate can be purchased at the door the day of the event for $5 (which does not include entry to the after party and provided meal) If you would like to spectate and attend the after event meal, please purchase your ticket below:


Registration is Closed!


Dusack [4]

Competitors are randomly split into two pools.

Each pool participates in their own fechtschule.

Everyone will fence a King of the Hill, three passes to a match, five strikes per pass. The fencer who wins the most passes wins the match, which earns them one Victory Point (your gold coin prize). Fencers may also earn Artistry Points by exhibiting clean examples of Meyer’s dussack technique, awarded by the Pritschemneister.

Winners are those fencers from each fechtschule with the highest Victory Point total, the highest Artistry Point total, and the Last Fencer Standing. These winners participate in the Winners’ Dusack fechtschule.

All other remaining fencers from both initial pools are gathered into the Barber’s Pool. They will fence a King of the Hill fechtschule for honor and redemption. The redemption is the last man standing is entered into the Winners’ Dusack fechtschule.
The Winners’ Pool fences King of the Hill fechtschule to determine the winners of the dusack portion of the event.

Longsword [3]

For the longsword, all competitors fence King of the Hill in a single pool. Matches are three passes, five strikes per pass. Victory and Artistry Points are earned as in dusack. Note: Victory Points earned in dusack do not carry forward; Artistry Points earned in dusack do, and add to a fencer’s overall Artistry Point total.

Winners are selected as in dusack (highest Victory Point total, highest Artistry Point total, Last Fencer standing).

Losers of the first longsword fechtschule gather into a Barber’s Pool, and will participate in their own fechtschule, a King of the Hill as before in the dusack.

The winners of the first longsword fechtschule and the Barber’s Pool fechtschule then fence in the Final Fechtschule.

In the Final Fechtschule, the competitors fence King of the Hill, best of five passes.

Winners of the Final Fechtschule are the overall winners of the Madtown Fechtschule.


Safety Requirements from HEMA Alliance

Head = Head protection must cover the entire face and front of the throat for drilling and slow sparring, and the entire head and front of the throat must be covered in competitive sparring. It must be sturdy enough to withstand impacts. There should be no gaps in coverage that would allow a thrust or strike to the face.

Throat = A covering to protect the throat.

Torso = Clothing to cover the body. Clothing should be puncture resistant, or three layers.

Groin = An internal or external cup.

Elbow = Hard elbow covering to protect the joints.

Hands = Hands = Sturdy gloves or gauntlets must be used to protect the hands and wrists. Gloves must include protection on the sides and tips of the fingers sufficient to resist hard strikes from steel . An unsupplemented lacrosse glove is not sufficient.. Steel Gauntlets need additional interior padding of some sort, however a mechanic’s glove has minimal padding and when used inside a metal gauntlet would not be sufficient. Most HEMA-dedicated synthetic gloves or gauntlets, such as Sparring Gloves and Black Lance, are adequate. Finger breaks and hand injuries are the most common and organizers should be conscientious of this.

Legs = Hard knee covering to protect the joints.

Feet = Covering of some sort.

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