A Most Interesting Johann (part 1)

Johann Kasimir (Palatinate-Simmern)

Johann Kasimir (Palatinate-Simmern)
(Latinized as Johannes Kasimirus) (1543-1592)

Kasimir was a German ‘prince’ of the House of Wittelsbach, and the third child, and second son of Elector Palatine Frederick III (Kurfürst von der Pfalz) “the Pious” (der Fromme) and Princess Maria von Brandenburg-Kulmbach and possibly the most interesting Johann of the 16th century.

For Example on February 12, 1559

Johann returned to Heidelberg for the occasion of his father’s accession. Kasimir since the age of nine (1552) had been serving as a page to the French court of Queen Catherine de Medici (she would have been in Châlons-sur-Marne, after the Sienese rebelled and expelled the occupying Spanish garrison). There Johann was educated and trained in courtly and chivalric manners behavior considered essential for a prince.

His whole outlook on life/ faith was suddenly altered under Friedrich the Pious‘s influence, or perhaps under that of Xylander. Johann became, reportedly an earnest and devout Christian, acknowledged by friend and foe as the champion of the Calvinist cause. Johann was named by his father as his “spiritual armour-bearer.”

A heavy burden for a 16 year old.

Maybe not in his case, after all people still sing songs about Johann, but we’ll cover that, a connection to Shakespeare, murder and intrigue in upcoming posts.

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