01 The First Brief Reading Notes

This morning as I finished a cool little article published earlier this year I thought, “I should share this thing with the universe, its good stuff“. At a glance it is an informational piece about a Christian form Asceticism in the Medieval Period. If that is something you might enjoy follow the linked text below. If not go back to the index of topics or click a

Anchoress: a True Tale of Medieval and Mystical: Women Entombed for Life” by Nell Rose. I enjoyed it, but, as I often do I quickly rounded up a few other articles to read, to help the paint a more complete picture of the topics I look into, no matter how obscure. Then I thought to myself, “I wonder if other people would like a peek and my crazed research readings and how everything ends up connecting“. ..why not? What could possibly go wrong beside wasting my own damned time?

So since we are sharing, here are some interesting articles I found for more of than a light review of the topic: “The Life of the Anchoress” by Mary Wellesley was helpful as Megan J. Hall‘s blog article “Buried Alive” was also found to be.
Both were not as interesting as Aspen ‘Amanda’ Hougen’s Through the veiled window: feminine autonomy, masculine authority, and discursive tension in anchoritic writings.

Currently I have put the reading of an article on Ancrene Wisse on hold until I had read an article that seemed more important to read first: “Ancrene Wisse vs. Ancren Riwle” by Francis P. Magoun, Jr.

The Connection Francis P. Magoun, Jr. (who happens to be the translator of “The Grimms’ German folk tales”, a book I have on my shelf.

If this topic randomly resurfaces in my research readings I will get a hold of Reading Medieval Anchoritism: Ideology and Spiritual Practices by Mari HughesEdwards and give it a review on Amazon.

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