Schutzhalter​ ​ [ʃʊt͡s ˈhaltɐ] schutz​ (lit. shoot, 1836, p421)) halter​ (lit. “​to look after, or keep​” (Dasypodius 1535, 99v2), ‘​keep’​, as in housekeeper (Golius, 1579, 211) The term ​Schutzhalter​ was often used liken to“​schirmer/ ”​ (guardian) as seen throughout Fortunatus Hueber’s (1686) history of the Franciscans, “Dreyfache von Orden S. Francisci​”. For Historical Fencing researchers,

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Pritsch​/ prɪtʃ (lit. Board) was the name of the miniaturized ​brotschießel​ like rod with one end being thin and flat serving as its ‘striking’ surface, described further as ‘…often preposterously large of leather or of split clacking wood and sometimes gilded…’ (Freytag, 1863, p1​52​). The ​Pritsch​ was held and employed by the master of ceremonies

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Petrus Dasypodius Let us remember Peter Dasypodius who died in Straßburg this day in 1559. His works have been a boon to researchers and translators the world over. He of course also holds a special place in the hearts of Historical Fencing researchers and translators! If you are unfamiliar with him or his works,

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